Gold, Galleons & Archaeology

Burgess, Robert F. and Carl J. Clausen

ISBN/ISSN: 0672521474
Library of Congress: 76-6080
Category: Sunken Treasure
Keywords: 1715 Fleet, Kip Wagner
Comments: Same book as “Florida’s Golden Galleons” (#C-1680); includes a bibliography; illustrated
Size: 6″ x 9.25″
Pages: 195
Editions: The first edition (First Printing – stated) was published by The Bobbs-Merrill Co., Indianapolis, Indiana (1976), in hardback with a dust jacket. The first paperback edition was published under the title, “Florida’s Golden Galleons” by Florida Classics Library, Port Salerno, Florida (1982), and has a light blue paper cover with a nautical chart on it. A second paperback edition (also entitled “Florida’s Golden Galleons”) was published and copyrighted as 1982, but it has a white paper cover with a ship on it. Finally, a third revised (not stated) paperback edition was published with the same identical paper cover and copyright date (1982) as the second paperback edition, except this third edition has 18 chapters and color illustrations (whereas the second edition has 15 chapters and black and white illustrations).
Description: This excellent book tells the story of the sinking and salvage of the 1715 Spanish fleet, which sank in a hurricane off Vero Beach, Florida and spilled millions of dollars in gold, silver and jewels just offshore.  One of the “Top 75 Books”.