Islands of Angry Ghosts

Edwards, Hugh

Library of Congress: 66-22109
Category: Sunken Treasure
Keywords: Batavia
Comments: Includes a bibliography; illustrated
Size: 6.25″ x 9.5″
Pages: 207
Editions: The first edition (not stated) was published by William Morrow & Company, Inc., New York City (1966), in hardback with a dust jacket. A second printing (noted) and third printing (noted) of this book were also published in 1966. The first British edition (Reproduced from the US edition – stated) was published by Hodder and Stoughton Limited, London (1966), in hardback with a dust jacket. Angus & Robertson Publishers, Sydney, Australia, published a paperback edition in 1973, which has been reprinted many times. In 2000, Harper Collins Publishers Pty. Limited, Sydney, Australia, published a revised paperback edition.
Description: This book describes the shipwreck, mutiny and murder of the survivors, and the salvage of the Dutch East India Company ship, “Batavia”, wrecked off Western Australia coast in 1629.  One of the “Top 75 Books”.