Lost Treasures of the West

Williams, Brad and Choral Pepper

ISBN/ISSN: 0030131863
Library of Congress: 74-5127
Category: Sunken Treasure
Keywords: Ada Hancock, San Antonio, San Francisco Xavier
Size: 6″ x 9.25″
Pages: 184
Editions: The first edition (stated) was published simultaneously by Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New York City and Holt, Rinehart and Winston of Canada, Limited, Toronto (1975), in hardback with a dust jacket. The book was republished by the Promontory Press, New York City (1998), in hardback with a dust jacket and paperback.
Description: While this book is primarily about land treasures, there are two chapters about sunken treasures. One chapter recounts the loss of the “Ada Hancock” and the other tells of two Manila galleon losses, the “San Antonio” and the “San Francisco Xavier”.

Buried Treasures of California

Jameson, W.C.

ISBN/ISSN: 0874834066
Library of Congress: 94-42466
Category: Sunken Treasure
Keywords: Ada Hancock
Comments: Includes a bibliography; illustrated with maps
Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″
Pages: 189
Editions: The first edition (not stated) was published by August House Publishers, Inc., Little Rock, Arkansas (1995), in paperback.
Description: This book is almost entirely about land treasures, but does include the story of the “Ada Hancock”, a ferry that blew up in Los Angeles harbor in 1863 with $125,000 in gold on it. Also, the book includes the story of a Spanish galleon in the California desert with a chest of pearls on board.