Deep Diving and Submarine Operations

Davis, Robert H.

Category: Sunken Treasure
Keywords: Telemaque, Florencia; William Phips, Concepcion, Vigo Bay Galleons, Grosvenor, Lutine, Thetis, Royal Charter, Hamilla Mitchell, Alphonso XII, Skyro, Oceana, Laurentic, Tubantia, Egypt, Niagara, Mary Rose, Royal George
Comments: Includes a bibliography; illustrated
Size: 6.75″ x 10″
Pages: 693
Editions: All editions have been published by Siebe, Gorman & Company Ltd., UK in hardback.  The first edition (1909), second edition (1917-18) and third edition (1918-1919) were published under the title of “Diving Scientifically and Practically Considered – A Diving Manual and Handbook of Submarine Appliances”. In the fourth edition (1935), the name was changed to, “Deep Diving and Submarine Operations – A Manual for Deep Sea Divers and Compressed Air Workers”. The fifth edition was published in 1951, the sixth edition in 1955, the seventh edition in 1962 and the eighth edition in 1981. A ninth edition was published in 1995 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Siebe Gorman company. This edition was produced as a two volume set in a slipcase, with each set being numbered.
Description: This is one of the great books on hard hat diving and includes numerous references to treasure ships (typically 1-5 pages in length each). A few of those described include the “Telemaque”, “Florencia”; William Phips and his salvage of the “Concepcion”, the Vigo Bay wrecks, “Grosvenor”, “Lutine”, “HMS Thetis”, “Royal Charter”, “Hamilla Mitchell”, “Alphonso XII”, “Skyro”, “Oceana”, “Laurentic”, “Tubantia”, “Egypt”, “RMS Niagara”, “Mary Rose”, and “HMS Royal George”.