Strange Shipwrecks of the Southern Seas

Burman, Jose

Category: Sunken Treasure
Keywords: Huys te Craijestein, Meeresteijn
Comments: Illustrated
Size: 7″ x 9.75″
Pages: 186
Editions: The first edition was published by C. Struik, Cape Town, South Africa (1968), in hardback with a dust jacket. The first 300 copies produced of this book contain a printing error. In the erroneous books, there is a picture of the famous 4-funnel ship, the “Lusitania”, across from page 157. In the corrected books, there is a 1-funnel ship across from page 157 (a different “Lusitania” than the famous liner sunk at the outset of World War I).
Description: This book details factual accounts of 30 unusual shipwrecks off the coast of Africa.  It includes 2 chapters about treasure wrecks: “Huys te Craijestein” which sank in 1698 and “Meeresteijn” which went down in 1702.