The Way It Was – Sex, Surgery, Treasure and Travel 1907-1987

Crile, George Jr.

ISBN/ISSN: 0873384652
Library of Congress: 92-2971
Category: Sunken Treasure
Keywords: Looe, Art McKee, Edwin Link, Mendel Peterson
Comments: Illustrated
Size: 6.25″ x 9.25″
Pages: 418
Editions: The first edition (not stated) was published by The Kent State University Press, Kent, Ohio (1992), in hardback with a dust jacket.
Description: This book tells the story of George “Barney” Crile (the author’s father), a founder of the Cleveland Clinic, prolific author and treasure hunter. One chapter in the book tells the story of a treasure hunt for the “HMS Looe” with Art McKee, Edwin Link and Mendel Peterson in the Florida Keys. This adventure is covered in much more detail in the Barney Crile’s book, “Treasure Diving Holidays” (#C-2480).