Encyclopedia of Sunken Treasure

Wright, John

ISBN/ISSN: 1854799088
Category: Sunken Treasure
Keywords: Witte Leeuw, Dodington, Winterton, Meeresteijn, Bredenhof, Grosvenor, Birkenhead, Atocha, 1622 Fleet, Concepcion, Maravillas, Whydah, Le Chameau, Nuestra Senora de la Luz, El Nuevo Constante, De Braak, San Jose, Santa Margarita, Thetis, Yankee Blade, Brother Jonathan, Lexington, Republic, Genovesa, Flor do Mar, Batavia, Gilt Dragon, Zuytdorp, Zeewijk, Geldermalsen, General Grant, Niagara, Girona, Kronan, De Liefde, Slot ter Hooge, Hollandia, Lutine, Colossus, Abergavenny, Lastdrager, Royal Charter, Hampshire, Laurentic, Egypt, Edinburgh
Comments: Includes a bibliography; illustrated
Size: 6.25″ x 9.25″
Pages: 248
Editions: The first edition (First Published in Great Britain – stated) was published by Michael O’Mara Books Ltd., London (1995), in hardback with a dust jacket.
Description: This book briefly overviews 54 significant sunken treasure ships around the world. It is organized geographically by continent, and devotes 2 to 8 pages to each wreck. An excellent reference. Wrecks include the “Flor do Mar”, “Batavia”, “Gilt Dragon”, “Zuytdorp”, “Zeewijk”, “Geldermalsen” (Nanking Cargo), “General Grant”, “Niagara”, 1622 Fleet (“Atocha”), “Concepcion”, “Hollandia”, “Lutine”, “HMS Colossus”, “Egypt” and “Laurentic”.

Shipwrecks & Sunken Treasure in Southeast Asia

Wells, Tony

ISBN/ISSN: 9812045430
Category: Sunken Treasure
Keywords: Flor Do Mar, Vung Tau, Geldermalsen, Marie Therese
Comments: Includes a bibliography; illustrated
Size: 5.75″ x 9″
Pages: 159
Editions: The first edition (not stated) was published by Times Editions Pte. Ltd., Singapore (1995), in paperback.
Description: This is the only comprehensive book I’ve seen on shipwrecks in Southeast Asia.  It includes brief references to 450 wrecks, and more detailed information on several treasure and ceramic wrecks: the “Hatcher Junk”, the “Flor Do Mar” (one of the richest wrecks of all times), the “Vung Tau”, the “Geldermalsen” (Nanking Cargo), the “Thailand Junk”, and the “Marie Therese”. Approximately half of the book is a listing of sunken Asian wrecks, organized by country/area.

Black Man Under the Deep Blue Sea

Wells, Tony

ISBN/ISSN: 1424174228
Category: Sunken Treasure
Keywords: Flor Do Mar, Vansittart
Comments: Includes a glossary; illustrated
Size: 6” x 9”
Pages: 220
Editions: The first edition (First Printing – stated) was published by PublishAmerica, Baltimore (2007), in paperback.
Description: This autobiography is largely about the author’s commercial diving (and sexual) exploits in Southeast Asia.  However, Chapter 19 tells the real story of the supposed salvage of the “Flor do Mar” by SEAS (SouthEast Asia Salvage) and the Salim Group in Indonesia waters.  Chapter 21 tells of SEAS mis-attempt to salvage the East India Company ship, “Vansittart”, which sank in 1789 off Indonesia.  There are some good lessons here about salvaging in third world countries.

Atlas of Ships Wrecks & Treasure

Pickford, Nigel

ISBN/ISSN: 1564585999
Library of Congress: 93-48856
Category: Sunken Treasure
Keywords: Egypt, Edinburgh, Girona, Concepcion, Vigo Bay Galleons, Whydah, Royal Charter, Central America, Flor do Mar, Spanish Armada
Comments: Includes a glossary, bibliography and shipwreck listing; illustrated
Size: 10.25″ x 12.5″
Pages: 200
Editions: The first edition was published by Dorling Kindersley, London (1994), in hardback with a dust jacket. The first American edition (stated) was published by Dorling Kindersley, New York City (1994), also in hardback with a dust jacket. There have been at least 5 printings of the US edition. An Australian edition was published by RD Press (1994), in hardback with a dust jacket.
Description: This outstanding, large-size, coffee table book overviews the history and treasures of the more famous ships lost at sea from ancient times through World War II. It includes the “Whydah”, the “HMS Edinburgh”, the “Egypt”, the “Girona”, the Vigo Bay wrecks, the “Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion”, the “SS Central America”, the “Flor de la Mar”, and the “Royal Charter, among others. The author is the son of one of the former principals of the famous UK salvage company, Risdon Beazley Ltd.  One of the “Top 75 Books”.

The Best of Sir Robert F. Marx – Volume One

Marx, Robert F.

ISBN/ISSN: 978-1517666835
Category: Sunken Treasure
Keywords: Port Royal, 1715 Fleet, Flor do Mar
Comments: Illustrated
Size: 8.5” x 11”
Pages: 243
Editions: The first edition (stated) was published by Signum Ops, Merritt Island, Florida (2015), in paperback.
Description: This book is a collection of 18 magazine article reprints, all of which were authored by Robert Marx.  The articles span shipwrecks, underwater archaeology, and sunken treasure hunts, including Port Royal, the 1715 Fleet, and the Flor do Mar.
Available from www.amazon.com

In the Wake of Galleons

Marx, Robert F.

ISBN/ISSN: 0941332950
Library of Congress: 00-109694
Category: Sunken Treasure
Keywords: Maravillas, 1715 Fleet, 1733 Fleet, St. Geran, Flor do Mar, Pilar, Buen Viaje, San Augustin, Matanceros Wreck
Comments: Illustrated
Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″
Pages: 418
Editions: The first edition (not stated) was published by Best Publishing Company, Flagstaff, Arizona (2001), in hardback with pictorial boards (no dust jacket issued).
Description: This autobiography tells of the author’s extensive exploits in salvaging treasure ships, including the “Maravillas “, the 1715 Fleet, the 1733 Fleet, the “St. Geran”, the “Flor do Mar”, the Manila galleons “Pilar” and “Buen Viaje”, the “San Augustin” (in Drake’s Bay, California), and the Matanceros wreck near Cancun, Mexico. It also details his adventures searching for Columbus’ shipwrecks, seeking Morgan’s treasures in Panama, and seeking the fabled island of Atlantis. This book is the sequel to “Still More Adventures” (#C-5340).