Shipwreck Archaeology in Australia

Nash, Michael – editor

ISBN/ISSN: 9780980296433
Category: Underwater Archaeology
Keywords: Batavia, Sirius, Pandora, Sydney Cove, Rapid
Comments: Includes a bibliography; illustrated
Size: 8.25” x 10.5”
Pages: 224
Editions: The first edition (First Published – stated) was published by the University of Western Australia Press, Crawley, Western Australia (2007), in hardback with a dust jacket.
Description: This book examines 15 shipwrecks that have been excavated in Australian waters.  The ships sank between 1629 and 1945 and include the “Batavia” (1629), “Sirius” (1790), “Pandora” (1791), “Sydney Cove” (1797) and “Rapid” (1811).  Each chapter is written by one of the underwater archaeologists involved in the excavation and is well illustrated.

Cargo for the Colony – The 1797 Wreck of the Merchant Ship ‘Sydney Cove’

Nash, Michael

ISBN/ISSN: 1875818014
Category: Underwater Archaeology
Keywords: Sydney Cove
Comments: Includes a bibliography; illustrated
Size: 5.5″ x 8″
Pages: 118
Editions: The first edition (First Published – stated) was published by Braxus Press, Sydney, Australia (1996), in paperback. A second edition was published by Navarine Publishing, Woden, Australia (2001), in both hardback with a dust jacket and paperback.
Description: Wrecked in 1797 while on a journey from Calcutta to Port Jackson, the “Sydney Cove” is the eighth oldest shipwreck site in Australian waters and the first merchant vessel lost after the establishment of the colony of New South Wales. The book tells of the events surrounding the loss of the ship near Preservation Island are documents the wreck’s discovery in 1977 and subsequent excavation. The archaeology of the ship and the cargo are outlined, with many artifacts pictured in the second edition.


Nash, F.H.

Category: Underwater Archaeology
Keywords: Amsterdam
Comments: Illustrated
Size: 8.25” x 11.75”
Pages: 23
Editions: The first edition (First Impression – stated) was published by Berfort Reproductions, St. Leonards-On-Sea, UK (1984) in paperback.
Description: This booklet tells the story of the sinking and salvage of the Dutch East Indiaman, “Amsterdam”, beached near Hastings, England in 1749.