The Bronze Cannon – A Relic of the Penobscot Expedition of 1779

Richardson, John R.

Category: Weapons
Keywords: Warren, Cannons
Comments: Pamphlet; includes a bibliography; illustrated
Size: 6″ x 9″
Pages: 11
Editions: The first edition (not stated) was published by the Penobscot Marine Museum, Searsport, Maine (1983), in paperback.
Description: This pamphlet tells the story of a bronze cannon recovered in 1957 from the frigate, “Warren”, which sank in 1779 off Winterport, Maine. The cannon is significant because it has an early State of Massachusetts seal on it.

Silver Riyals from the Deep – The S.S. John Barry & the Silver Bullion Mystery

Richardson, Gordon

Category: Sunken Treasure
Keywords: John Barry
Comments: Pamphlet; illustrated
Size: 11” x 8.5”
Pages: 28
Editions: The first edition (not stated) was published by Blue Water Recoveries Limited, St. Helier, Channel Islands (circa 1995), in paperback.
Description: This well-illustrated pamphlet describes the sinking of the “S.S. John Barry” in 1944 with its cargo of 3 million silver riyal coins, and chronicles the salvage in 1994.