Treasure Hunt

Earle, Peter

ISBN/ISSN: 9780413776389
Category: Sunken Treasure
Keywords: Concepcion; William Phips, Thetis, Vigo Bay Galleons, Merchant Royal, Atocha, Santa Margarita, 1622 Fleet, Maravillas, Florencia, Vasa, Campen, Charles, Jesus Maria del la Limpia Concepcion, Santo Christo de Castello, Guinea Frigate, San Jose, Slot ter Hooge, Vansittart, Meresteijn, Princess Louisa, Dodington, Hollandia, Royal Anne Galley, Gran Grifon, Edinburgh, Adelaar, Anna Catharina, tVliegent Hart, Triumphant, Royal George, Hartwell, Abergavenny, Maracaibo
Comments: Includes a bibliography; illustrated
Size: 6.25” x 9.5”
Pages: 383
Editions: The first edition (First Published – stated) was published by Methuen Publishing Ltd., London (2007), in hardback with a dust jacket.  A paperback edition was published by Methuen in 2008.  A US edition (First US Edition – stated) was published by Thomas Dunne Books, New York City (2008) in hardback with a dust jacket.
Description: This book is about the early days of professional sunken treasure hunting (1687-1830s)…beginning with William Phips and his salvage of the “Concepcion” and ending with development of a “modern” diving suit.  It is significant to the treasure hunter because it specifies what treasure was reportedly aboard a multitude of shipwrecks and what was actually recovered between 1687 and the 1830s.