Blue and White China from Shipwrecks in Mauritius, Indian Ocean

Von Arnim, Yann and Kate Meileen Li Kwong Wing

ISBN/ISSN: 9990322171
Category: Ceramics
Comments: Pamphlet; includes a bibliography; illustrated
Size: 6″ x 8.25″
Pages: 32
Editions: The first edition (not stated) was published by the Mauritius Museums Council, the Mauritius Marine Conservation Society & the Mauritius International Trust Co. Ltd. (2003), in paperback.
Description: This well-illustrated pamphlet shows many of the porcelain pieces recovered from shipwrecks and describes the routes of the porcelain-laden ships, some of the more significant porcelain shipwreck recoveries, the manufacture of the porcelain, and the symbolism in the decorations on the porcelain.