The Search for Sunken Treasure – Exploring the World’s Great Shipwrecks

Marx, Robert F. and Jenifer Marx

ISBN/ISSN: 1550134183
Category: Sunken Treasure
Comments: Includes a bibliography; lavishly illustrated
Size: 8.75″ x 11.25″
Pages: 192
Editions: The first edition (not stated) was published by Key Porter Books, Ltd., Toronto (1993), in both hardback (with a dust jacket) and paperback.
 A UK edition was published by the Swan Hill Press, Shrewsbury (1993), in hardback with a dust jacket.  An Australian edition was published by Random House Australia, Sydney (1993), in hardback with a dust jacket. Key Porter Books republished the book under the title, “Treasures from the Sea – Exploring the World’s Great Shipwrecks,” in 2003 in paperback. Firefly Books (U.S.), Inc., Buffalo, New York, published the book under the title, “Treasure Lost at Sea – Diving to the World’s Great Shipwrecks,” in 2004 in paperback.
Description: This coffee table book is lavishly illustrated. It overviews virtually all of the great treasure wrecks. Topics include the Spanish galleons, the Spanish Armada wrecks, the Manila galleons, Bermuda wrecks, the East Indiamen, and deep water shipwrecks.  One of the “Top 75 Books”.