The Treasure Diver’s Guide

Potter, John S. Jr.

Library of Congress: 61-5942
Category: Sunken Treasure
Comments: Includes a bibliography; illustrated
Size: 6.25″ x 9.5″
Pages: 501
Editions: The first edition (stated) was published by Doubleday & Company, Inc., Garden City, New York (1960), in hardback with a dust jacket. The first edition was “pirated” (illegally reproduced) in Hong Kong or Taiwan. The Hong Kong/Taiwan edition can be easily recognized by the dark red boards (the real first edition has black boards), Chinese characters on the bottom of the copyright page, and the poor quality of paper used. A revised edition (stated) was published by Doubleday (1972), in hardback with a dust jacket. Bonanza Books, New York City, reprinted the revised edition (no date), in hardback with a dust jacket and included an inserted “Supplemental Forward” (a bibliography provided by R. Duncan Mathewson III). A paperback edition of the Doubleday ‘Revised Edition’ was published by Florida Classics Library, Port Salerno, Floriday (1988) and is marked on the cover, “Revised Edition”. This revised paperback edition includes an inserted 32 page supplemental forward, which is primarily a shipwreck bibliography written by R. Duncan Matthewson III (name is misspelled and should be ‘Mathewson’). A UK edition (First Published in Great Britain – stated) was published by Robert Hale & Company, London (1973), in hardback with a dust jacket.
Description: This book has started many treasure hunts (and destroyed many marriages)!  It begins by discussing the Spanish galleons carrying gold and silver from the New World to Spain, tells the stories of wrecks already salvaged (as of 1960), discusses wreck identification, and overviews underwater archaeology (which was at that time in a primitive state).  However, most of the book comprises the first comprehensive listing of treasure wrecks (but over the past 40 years some of the data has been shown to be erroneous).  One of the “Top 75 Books”.